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Maui Mokka



Embark on an exquisite journey with Fathom Coffee's Maui Mokka, a Hawaiian coffee treasure that transcends the ordinary. Far from the widely recognized Kona coffee, Maui Mokka offers coffee connoisseurs a chance to indulge in a rare, unique experience that challenges the notion that Hawaii's coffee prowess is confined to its Kona mountains.

Maui Mokka is not just a coffee; it's a celebration of rich history and diverse cultivation that defies size expectations with its small, round beans. This varietal traces its roots back to the ancient Yemeni port of Mokha, a pivotal region in coffee’s global voyage. It stands as a testament to coffee's enduring legacy, from the Ethiopian highlands where the first coffee trees flourished to the bustling trade that flourished in Yemen.

In the lush landscapes of Hawaii, the Maui Mokka varietal has found a new home, offering a cup profile bursting with chocolatey notes, reminiscent of its historical namesake but with a distinct Hawaiian twist. The Hawaiian coffee industry, while dwarfed by the larger coffee-producing giants globally, is a growing and vibrant part of American agriculture, offering a boutique experience that prioritizes quality over quantity.

While Kona coffee often takes the limelight, Hawaii's coffee belt spans across several islands, each with its microclimates and unique bean characteristics. Maui's coffee scene has blossomed, capturing the hearts of those who seek beyond the conventional.

The United States might account for a small fraction of the world’s coffee production, with Hawaii contributing a niche segment, yet it's here where coffee enthusiasts discover gems like Maui Mokka. This coffee doesn't just offer a sip but an exploration into the diverse and rich tapestry of American-grown coffee.

Our Maui Mokka is roasted with the utmost care, showing that we focus only the best beans, celebrating the depth and breadth of coffee cultivation on American soil. It's not just a product but a story—a narrative steeped in history, imbued with the spirit of Hawaiian coffee culture.

As you enjoy a cup of Fathom Coffee's Maui Mokka, you partake in a legacy that dates back centuries, yet is freshly roasted for your modern palette. Dive deep into the world of rare and fascinating Hawaiian coffee with us and let your passion for unique and historical brews be fully satiated. Discover Fathom Coffee, where every cup tells a story of rarity and passion, from our shores to yours.

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