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Kenya AA Nyeri Kiamwangi – NSOF Special Edition


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Indulge in the rich flavors of Fathom Coffee's AA Nyeri Kiamwangi, a true embodiment of Kenya's coffee heritage. Grown at 1784 meters on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, this exquisite coffee has been meticulously crafted since 1956 by the Iria-Ini Farmers Co-Op. With vibrant notes of pineapple, peach, and grapefruit, embraced by high acidity and richness, each sip is a journey to the heart of Kenyan coffee tradition.

Not only does every purchase promise an exceptional coffee experience, but it also supports a noble cause. Fathom Coffee is proud to contribute 10% of proceeds to the Navy Special Operations Foundation (NSOF), reinforcing our commitment to 'Protector First, Warrior Always' and empowering Navy EOD and Diver operators and their families.

The story behind each cup is as captivating as its flavor. The coffee's journey from the fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya to your cup is a testament to the dedication of the Iria-Ini Farmers Co-Op and the unique terroir of the region. The high-altitude cultivation and wet-processing traditions result in a coffee that is truly one-of-a-kind.

With every sip, you not only experience a deeper love for coffee but also become part of a legacy that spans generations. Join us in celebrating the essence of Kenya and the spirit of community that defines this exceptional coffee. Elevate your coffee ritual with Fathom Coffee's AA Nyeri Kiamwangi and make a difference with every cup.

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