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Uganda White Nile Project Organic


Fathom Coffee invites you to explore Uganda’s coffee legacy with its Uganda White Nile Organic. This exquisite coffee comes from the Zombo district, a hidden treasure in the coffee world. Here, local farmers cultivate a rare Arabica variety, often overlooked in favor of Uganda’s Robusta beans.

The Uganda White Nile Organic is the result of the White Nile Organic Coffee Project, a partnership between Kawacom and over 8,000 small-scale farmers since 1998. This project improves the livelihoods of the farmers through sustainable practices, while also protecting the biodiversity and beauty of Uganda and Mt. Elgon. The coffee is named after the White Nile river, which flows through this region with its distinctive clay-colored waters.

The quality of this coffee is evident in every bean, thanks to the expertise of Kawacom’s wet mill. The coffee cherries are carefully processed, partially dried in mucilage, washed, and then dried on raised beds. This method brings out the unique flavor profile of this Ugandan coffee.

When you brew the Uganda White Nile Organic, you’ll enjoy a cup that’s both bold and smooth. The flavor is rich and earthy, with notes of dark chocolate and ripe fruit. The sweetness, acidity, and finish are well-balanced, creating a satisfying and complex coffee experience.

But this coffee is more than just a delicious drink; it’s also a story of a community that’s dedicated to sustainable farming and quality coffee. It showcases Uganda’s evolving coffee industry, which is expanding its Arabica production and gaining recognition in the global market.

By choosing the Uganda White Nile Organic, you’re not only treating yourself to a premium coffee, but also supporting a cause that promotes environmental and social well-being. You’ll savor a cup that reflects Uganda’s coffee heritage, and join a story that goes beyond the cup. This coffee is a sign of a deeper passion for coffee, inspired by tradition, innovation, and the spirit of Uganda’s coffee community.

Find the Uganda White Nile Organic at Fathom Coffee and experience the amazing taste and inspiring story of a coffee that breaks boundaries.

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