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Fathom Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee roasting company and shop based out of Virginia Beach. We focus on sourcing the highest quality coffee available and prioritize our roasting techniques. Being a small-batch nano roaster, we are able to give extra focus and attention on the beans to ensure each roast has premium flavor.


Do you want to sell Fathom Coffee in your store? Or use our beans to brew at your coffee shop? We offer wholesale options for retail and coffee shops. Our small batch, locally roasted coffee looks great on a shelf and tastes even better. Get in touch with us about wholesale opportunities by filling out the form below.

Label Badges

Combining our coffee with your branding? No problem. We have partnered with several local businesses to create custom label badge roasts to sell in their stores or to give as corporate gifts. We will work with you to craft the right copy and label design that incorporates your business and ours. This could be a one-time run or a continued partnership, depending on your needs.


The idea for Fathom Coffee came after years of drinking bad coffee while in the Navy. So we decided to do it ourselves. Now we want to help caffeinate your command with our quality coffee. Our Command Coffee program is a way for you to bulk order coffee to your specifics: whole bean, ground, regular, or decaf. We will vacuum seal the coffee in bags instead of jars for easier transportation and storage. We can even add a touch of personalization with your command logo on the label. If you’d like to order coffee for yourself or purchase on behalf of someone serving, contact us below to get started.

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