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Reusable Jars .

Coffee and sustainability don’t always go hand in hand, but they do at Fathom. When we created Fathom Coffee, we wanted to make a small impact by choosing to package our roasts in reusable mason jars. Our method is simple: we vacuum seal the roasts in a jar, you buy the coffee, bring back your empty jar to get $1 off your next coffee purchase, and we sanitize the jar to reuse it for another roast. This keeps the coffee fresh and packaging waste out of landfills.

Solar Roasted Coffee .

In 2023 we created the first batch of coffee roasted only with energy generated by solar (photovoltaic) panels. Fathom Coffee has been roasting small batch coffees since 2015, and is now taking sustainability to a new level by producing limited batches of solar-roasted coffees.This new solar-powered roasting initiative will further reduce the Fathom’s carbon footprint and contribute to our mission to reduce the impact to the environment. 

We believe that coffee can be a powerful force for good and are proud to be spearheading the solar-powered coffee revolution. The company sources specialty coffee from around the world and roasts it in small batches, bringing out the unique nuances and flavors of each region.

Other Sustainability Practices .


Solar Roasting

1% for the Planet

1% For the Planet Business Member

Fathom Coffee is located just blocks away from one of the most beautiful, diverserve waterways in the country. That is why when we became 1% for the Planet Business Members in 2020, we wanted to make an impact locally. We partnered with the team at Lynnhaven River NOW, a local grassroots organization dedicated to educating and preserving Virginia Waterways. By being accredited through their Pearl Business Certification, Fathom is able to ensure we incorporate environmental stewardship within our business model at all angles. 

Lynnhaven River Now Pearl Business

One of the best ways to make change is through honest, grassroot efforts within the community. From creating a special label edition of our Kenopian roast, where 10% of proceeds from each jar get donated directly to Lynnhaven River NOW through the selection and purchase of every product for to go coffee in our shop, we are striving to spread awareness of the importance of protecting our watersheds and the Virginia Beach ecosystems. 

News & Updates .