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Ethiopia Yebuna Terara SWP Decaf


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Dive into the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee culture with our Yebuna Terara Swiss Water Decaf. Ethiopia, renowned as the birthplace of coffee, contributes significantly to the global coffee market, with its beans celebrated for their complex flavor profiles and quality. Our coffee comes from the lush highlands of Jimma, where farmers cultivate heirloom varieties at elevations between 1900 and 2200 meters—conditions ideal for coffee that is as rich in history as it is in taste.

The Swiss Water Process (SWP), a chemical-free decaffeination method, preserves the distinct flavors of our beans, ensuring each cup is bursting with the notes of cranberry and stone fruit, complemented by warm, subtle spices. This method involves using water from the coastal mountains of British Columbia, which gently removes caffeine while maintaining the bean's delicate flavor compounds.

This exceptional decaf not only offers a gateway to Ethiopia's celebrated coffee heritage but also supports sustainable practices that contribute to the preservation of coffee culture and the environment. Perfect for those seeking adventure in every sip without the caffeine, our Yebuna Terara Swiss Water Decaf invites you to experience a deeper love for coffee, embodying the spirit of Ethiopian tradition and the meticulous care of its coffee farmers.

Experience the blend of adventure, tradition, and the exceptional taste of Ethiopian coffee with each cup. Ideal for coffee lovers who seek depth and richness in their brew, this product is a testament to the vibrant coffee culture that thrives in Ethiopia, the fifth largest coffee producer in the world.

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