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Papua New Guinea Natural Lahamenegu Red Mountain



Discover the hidden jewel of the coffee world with our Papua New Guinea Natural Lahamenegu Red Mountain, embodying "A Deeper Love for Coffee." Nestled in the diverse and often overlooked coffee landscapes of Papua New Guinea, this rare gem is an outcome of groundbreaking innovation at the Lahamenegu wet mill. Owned and operated by Volcafe PNG—the first and only coffee exporter in Papua New Guinea to possess its own wet mill—this setting offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of coffee processing. Papua New Guinea’s rich volcanic soil, unique microclimates, and an unwavering commitment to quality contribute to a cup that distinguishes itself from other coffee-growing regions.

The Lahamenegu wet mill sources freshly harvested cherries daily from local smallholders within a 30-kilometer radius. Their pioneering approach involves a natural drying process that takes up to an unprecedented four weeks on raised beds. This level of care in the milling process produces a single-origin coffee that bursts with exotic flavors—imagine a complex palette featuring juicy berries, cantaloupe, and dried cranberries. The extended drying time enables each bean to absorb its fruity characteristics fully, creating a cup that’s nothing short of a revelation.

If you're a connoisseur seeking the extraordinary in your daily brew, this Papua New Guinea Natural Lahamenegu Red Mountain is your gateway to an elusive coffee experience. It's not merely about the caffeine kick but an exploration of diverse flavors, innovative processes, and rich traditions that make Papua New Guinean coffee stand out. Elevate your taste buds and deepen your appreciation for the complexities of coffee. After all, it’s not just a cup, but a voyage into the unknown—the epitome of what makes coffee so endlessly fascinating.

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