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Mexico Chiapas Chimhucum Semi-Washed Solar



Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Mexican coffee through our exceptional offering: Mexico Chiapas Chimhucum Semi-Washed. Situated in the high-altitude Los Altos mountains, Chimhucum—"Two Rivers" in the Tzotzil language—enjoys a unique wet and cold microclimate. This climate distinguishes Chiapas as one of the premier coffee-growing regions in Mexico, where coffee is more than a commodity; it's a symbol of community and cultural heritage. The terroir and local farming practices, including sustainable methods like shade-grown cultivation and water conservation, form a synergy that nurtures coffee beans unlike any other.

What sets this single-origin coffee apart is the meticulous semi-washed process employed by local farmers. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are depulped, but the mucilage is left intact, sun-drying on the bean before the parchment is removed. This results in coffee that’s incredibly full-bodied and vibrant, highlighting the bean's innate bright acidity and nuanced flavors. You'll discover layered notes of dark chocolate, mandarin orange, mango, strawberry, almond, and brown sugar in every cup.

So why choose Mexico Chiapas Chimhucum? It's simple: each sip invites you to explore A Deeper Love for Coffee. From the dedicated farmers to the carefully-honed processing methods, every element contributes to a coffee experience that is both sensorially complex and ethically rewarding. This isn't just a coffee; it's an invitation to appreciate the richness of Mexican agriculture, tradition, and craft. Let this single-origin coffee take you on a captivating flavor voyage, one you'll want to embark upon time and time again.

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