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Red Fathom Coffee Carter Move Mug (16oz)



Ahoy there! We've always been puzzled by the lack of consideration for coffee-drinkin' when it comes to to-go tumblers. They seemed to favor hardiness and heat-retention over allowing us to enjoy the full flavors and experience of a steamin' cuppa joe. But why can't we have both? Introducin' the Carter Move Mug, the travel mug that finally does justice to your coffee. It's designed to bring out the full taste, smell, and feel of your coffee, whilst also featurin' a snap-in splash guard and slim width for easy travelin' (and fittin' in your standard vehicle cup holder) . Now you can finally enjoy your coffee at its best, even when you're on the go!

This is a red mug engraved with the NEW Fathom logo on one side.

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