Miir 12oz Camp Cup


Anchor your coffee experience with our 12oz MiiR Camp Cup Coffee Mug, designed for the most spirited seafarer. This mug captures the essence of the open seas, a trusted companion that braves all weather, keeping your brew steadfast through salty breezes and sudden gusts. Equipped with a splash-proof Press-fit Slide Lid, your favorite Fathom Coffee stays securely contained, even when the deck pitches underfoot. Crafted with Thermo 3D® Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, it keeps your drinks hot or cold in any climate, from tropical tranquility to the crisp chill of northern passages. Its resilient Hardshell™ Powder Coat finish stands up to the rigors of life onboard, from dawn watch to starlit evenings. Each purchase sails you further on your journey of empowerment, supporting nonprofits fostering community resilience and environmental stewardship. Find Your Fix and navigate your coffee journey with Fathom, where every sip is as exhilarating as the wind in your sails.


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