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Democratic Republic of Congo Kivu Gorilla Organic


In the Democratic Republic (DR) Congo coffee is a symbol of hope. In an area where armed incursion, corruption and disease are a part of everyday life, coffee brings stability and economic growth. The Kawa Kanzururu is one of 24 micro-mills along the western rim of the Rwenzori Mountain Range. Deep, fertile, volcanic soil, high altitude and adequate rainfall make Kivu an ideal growing region. North Kivu is landlocked therefore getting coffee out of this area and into the supply chain is quite the process. The beans are transported to the Port of Mombasa in Kenya where they are shipped all over the world. Organic Kivu is the perfect holiday cup of coffee, having notes of dry cherry, fig, red current, pomegranate with a touch of brown sugar for sweetness.


Nestled in the Democratic Republic of Congo, coffee stands as a beacon of hope amidst challenges like armed conflicts, corruption, and disease. Coffee in this region symbolizes stability and economic growth, offering a lifeline to many communities. One notable example is the Kawa Kanzururu, one of 24 micro-mills situated along the western rim of the Rwenzori Mountain Range.

The Rwenzori Mountains, with their deep, fertile volcanic soil, high altitude, and abundant rainfall, provide the perfect conditions for cultivating exceptional coffee. North Kivu, where Kawa Kanzururu is located, is landlocked, making the journey from farm to cup quite an adventure. The beans travel a significant distance to reach the Port of Mombasa in Kenya before being shipped worldwide.

Organic Kivu coffee from this region is a delightful holiday treat, embodying the rich and diverse flavors of its origin. Each cup reveals notes of dry cherry, fig, red currant, and pomegranate, complemented by a touch of brown sugar for added sweetness. This unique flavor profile offers a festive and warming experience, perfect for celebrating special moments or enjoying a comforting break.

The farmers of North Kivu bring generations of expertise to their craft, working tirelessly to produce coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also supports their communities. By choosing Organic Kivu coffee, you are not only treating yourself to a remarkable beverage but also contributing to the livelihoods of these dedicated farmers.

At Fathom Coffee, we are proud to share the story and flavors of Kawa Kanzururu, showcasing the resilience and passion of the Congolese coffee farmers. This coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a testament to the strength and spirit of a region that thrives against the odds. Experience the richness and depth of Organic Kivu, and savor a cup that embodies hope and perseverance.

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