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Mexican Coffee Blossom Honey Sticks



Ahoy, flavor explorers! Dive into a world where honey and coffee harmonize, straight from the Mexican coffee farms we love. Introducing single-serving straws of Cafetál, traditionally known as "Coffee Garden Honey." This isn't your average nectar; it's a journey into a flavor profile as varied and vibrant as the lands it comes from.

Picture bees buzzing among a field of creamy, white coffee blossoms, diving for ocean treasure. They collect this unique nectar that's been transformed into honey, boasting bold notes of licorice, cacao, and fig.

This honey has been meticulously chosen for those looking to #FindYourFix. Perfectly convenient for adventurers on the go or prepping for their next mission. Elevate your food and beverage rituals, wherever life takes you.

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