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32oz Amber Growler



Reporting for duty! I'm your trusty Fathom Coffee Growler, ready to navigate the high seas of flavor with your chosen Fathom Coffee brews: Kenopian Nitro Coffee or Nitro Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea. My hull, embellished with the finest laser-engraved nautical art, yearns to be filled, enabling us to submerge into a deeper love for coffee right at your home port.

With my sturdy, compact design, I'm easy to handle and perfect for the mission of keeping your favorite beverages fresh. When my ballast tanks are empty, I'm surface-bound. But fill me up, and we'll dive into an ocean of exquisite tastes.

When you bring me back, emptied from our flavor expedition, you'll receive a fresh, sanitized vessel ready for the next dive. Standby for coffee brewing operations. It's full steam ahead, shipmates!

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