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Creative Ways To Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

Tired of just dumping your grounds after brewing coffee? Try these tips for reuse!

Brewing a fresh cup of coffee is a highlight of your day. The process of cleaning up after? Not so much. Coffee grounds are messy and usually just go to waste once you’re done making coffee. But there are so many creative ways you can reuse your coffee grounds around your home and garden! Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Use it as fertilizer – Coffee grounds are a great addition to your home garden. Most soil eventually requires a fertilizer boost to continue to grow plants and coffee grounds contain key minerals including calcium, phosphorus, and iron which aid in plant growth. Just sprinkle the grounds around the soil and you’re good to go.
  2. Use it to neutralize bad odors – Want to switch up that box of baking soda in your fridge? Try coffee grounds! Place an open bowl of grounds in the fridge or freezer, you can even use old socks or panty hose to make deodorizers for your gym bag, shoes, or anywhere else that needs freshening. After you cook with garlic or onions, scrub your hands while washing to help eliminate the smell.
  3. Use it for a face or body scrub – Give yourself a mini spa treatment with the help of coffee grounds. Combine the grounds with a bit of water or coconut oil and then gently exfoliate your hands, body, or face. The caffeine in the coffee can also increase blood flow and contains powerful antioxidant properties that help your skin. 
  4. Use it to repair scratches in wood furniture – Start by making a thick paste of coffee grounds and water. Next apply the mixture into the scratch mark with a cotton swab and leave alone for five to ten minutes. Then wipe clean with a cotton rag. This conceals the scratches by dying the wood a darker brown color and can be repeated until you are satisfied with the color!
  5. Use it as a natural bug repellent – We might love the scent of coffee, but mosquitoes and other pests do not. Dry coffee grounds can be sprinkled around your yard or outdoor seating area to keep pesky insects away. You can even burn the grounds to increase the scent which will really keep mosquitoes, wasps, and bees at bay. Make sure the grounds are completely dry, lay them on a flat surface or in a bowl, then burn them like you would burn incense.

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