Hawaii Kaʼanapali Maui Mokka (6 ounce jar)


Maui Mokka is characterized by its small, nearly perfectly round beans. It is difficult to harvest, therefore rare and unique to Maui. The farm was originally a part of the Pioneer Mill sugar plantation since 1860, which diversified the land out of sugar cane into coffee in 1988 under the name Ka’anapali Estate Coffee. It is a unique farm in other respects, irrigated with a drip system and planted in precise rows to facilitate mechanical processing of the fruit.

The Mokka varietal originated hundreds of years ago as a mutation of the bourbon coffee varietal. It was named after the Yemeni port of Al-Mukha, known for its coffee exports. Its name has been translated into many different spellings such as; mocha, mokka, mokha, and mocca. The Mokka varietal grown on Maui today is hybridized with typica. It has retained the small round cherries and similar flavor characteristics of the old mocha, but is much taller and more productive than the original.

Tasting Notes: Mild acidity, sugar-browning sweetness, toasted grain with maple, and fruit flavors.

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