Costa Rica Chirripo Black Honey – Finca El Mango


Coming from Finca el Mango, located in the Rivas district of Costa Rica’s Chirripo region. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1350-1875 masl these beans are dried on patios and raised beds after going through the black honey process. The honey process was created in 2008 in Costa Rica following earthquakes that caused water shortages. Having drawn inspiration from the Brazilian “pulped natural process,” the honey process is more water efficient. The black honey process leaves most of the mucilage on the beans for upwards of 2 weeks because it is the most sheltered from light during the drying. This creates a sticky texture, sweet flavor, and amber hue giving it the name “mucilage” or honey in Spanish. The result is a full bodied, fruit forward coffee with a balanced acidity.

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